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Walking Floor transport

Walking Floor, also called “push floor lorries”, are skips which can be unloaded automatically, they’re a type of specific semi-trailer which can transport all sorts of jumbled merchandise.


Tippers are also a part of our fleet. They are mainly used to transport soil and sludge coming from construction sites. We have about ten tippers at our disposal.

Camion remorque

These are 6×4 trailers for transporting containers that are part of our fleet too. We have eight of these trucks available.

Dump trucks

Dump trucks are excavators that can carry heavy loads and which are often used on construction sites. We own ten such machines.


The workshop that keeps both our fleet in top condition can do the same for you.


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  • Driver national CE

    Driver national CE, for national and/or international transport with walking floor.

  • Dumper driver

    Dumper driver, for internal transport on a fixed plant.

  • Technician Construction Vehicles

    Yard vehicle technician, for maintaining and repairing yard vehicles.

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